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FREE The Power of the Actor - Book

Jason drove straight from Hollywood to grab this book. He doesn't identify as an actor, but he said he works in front of the camera. This book has been on his reading list for quite some time.

FREE The X-Files: The Album CD (Echo Park) - May 16th, 2016

Dan likes the X Files but mostly likes The Cure. After he left, he emailed me:
Thank you for the X-Files record.
If you don't mind, I am looking for new friends. Would you like to keep in touch?
I would like to welcome you as a new friend, if you want?

FREE Ouija, It Glows in the Dark (Echo Park) - April 26th, 2016

Claire is a production designer. She will use the Ouija board in an 1980's horror film she's working on. She was 25 minutes late picking up. All good though. I found this two years ago on a sidewalk in Hollywood. 

FREE Shia LaBeouf (Mutt Williams) 12" Action Figure - Indiana Jones (Echo Park) - April 4, 2016

Paul is from New Hampshire. He asked, "Should I bring something for him to make the move easier?" I said, "Maybe he needs a blanket." This weekend he's going to make a stop-motion animation film with the figure.