Coleman Moore - Musician

Studio - Koreatown, Los Angeles

Coleman Moore is yyyounggg, a musical artist and producer. His Ktown studio is gently flooded by a neon purple heart, and he, himself, exudes an alluring, luminous glow. In love with opera at an incredibly young age, Coleman is now working in electronic music, and he surrounds himself with synths, cords, children’s musical instruments, and any object that makes noises he finds intriguing.
He drinks percolated coffee with half and half out of a Sonic Youth mug and speaks calmly with a purposeful cadence punctuated by self-overlaps.
Coleman has a blissful and warm energy - the kind of human who is quite inexplicable.

What brought you to LA?
I came to LA because I knew some people who I thought were doing things I wanted to do out here. It had always appealed to me as an expansive place of possibility, so I came out when I was about 25. I wanted to start a new life in a new city for the first time since I was 18. So, I came out to the land of opportunity. (Laughs)

How do you define yourself in a career way?
I write music. I can be a composer. I can be a producer. A songwriter. Even a recordist. Electronic music technician of sorts.
I say, “I write music.”


Have you ever been called a hipster?
I’ve been associated with hipsters… in college, I’m pretty sure my crowd was called the hipsters. I think it’s petty. It’s kind of an attempt to differentiate yourself within the same socioeconomic class generally or to draw lines where you wish there were lines but there kind of aren’t between you and someone else. It’s a divisive term and doesn’t really apply to anything important.

What does being a millennial mean to you?
It means being mobile and agile. And having the privilege and drive to explore the frontiers of what it means to work. It is how one works, how one makes a living, and how one relates to technology. And, having a general fluency with all of that makes you a millennial.

How do you feel connected to your generation?
I feel pretty exemplary, not of the stereotypes, but of the narrative of my generation. I’ve lived in major cities and worked in technology and am good with a computer and am an artist and have worked mostly remotely all of my life, freelance. So in terms of those social, whatever, boxes - I feel like I fit into well. But, I feel a little disconnected from my generation on how I relate to social media. I’m sure a lot of us feel that way. I’ve felt a little out of touch. I haven’t fully embraced or figured out how to operate, to stay connected and visible via the internet. It looks like other people have, but maybe they haven’t either.

What do you love about working in Ktown?
I’ve always liked that there’s a big confluence of aesthetics. You get kind of these small Korean micromalls; your Mexican markets; you get auto-repairs mixed with spas mixed with burrito places mixed with art and offices. There’s even a giant bank building that’s like a monolithic, crazy beautiful building right down the street. And, there’s lots of other high rises in the area. But, it’s not a Downtown. It’s still got the long, broad boulevards of LA. It can be crowded; it’s not a peaceful place. The energy is high, so if you’re an Angeleno who spends time in The Hills or more secluded areas, Ktown is a good place to get into the thick of it all and feel plugged in.

What are some of your favorite spots in Ktown?
I love Cactus #2. I just had a burrito there. You know, a lot of things have come and gone. There used to be this pizza place down the street that was super convenient for a quick fix. The Monte Carlo is a great bar unlike any other I’ve ever known. It’s decrepit. I love the Tom and Tom’s chain. But unfortunately the one nearby closed, so I don’t really go there anymore.

How do you get around the city?
I drive a car.

Do you see yourself staying in LA? 
Um, yea. Yes, I do.

What’s your favorite thing in your closet?
My closet? Probably my large blue sweater. It drapes over my body in a way that I like.

What is a typical Sunday like for you?
Usually wake up and make some coffee at the house, where I live with my girlfriend. Maybe do some things around the house then usually come to the studio. Sunday nights are perhaps my favorite times to make music… I like to work late then because it feels like the most peaceful time of the world in general, everything else in the world feels asleep. So, it’s an exciting time to create. 

What have you been working on recently?
I’ve been working on writing songs, using instrumentals I've made and think are exciting. I am developing them into 100% songs that match the excitement of the music.

What’s your favorite film?
Spring Breakers.

What’s your favorite record?
Astral Weeks by Van Morrison.

Who would you invite to dinner living or dead?
Who do I want to ask stuff? “Let’s have dinner, so-and-so…” Maybe Jerry Seinfeld? (Laughs)

Where do you want to travel to?
I’d like to go to Vancouver again and New Orleans. And, for the first time, I’d like to travel to maybe Brazil, Sao Paulo. Or, Montreal. Oh! Or, Berlin.

What inspires you?
The feeling of different sounds grating against one another is exciting to me because there’s so much possibility for two or more textures to add together and create something new. Even two very simple waves at different frequencies, causing their special sensation, a function of their ratio, there’s such a mystery to that. That inspires me on an instantaneous level. And, you can zoom out and create patterns from those sounds as they enter and exit and bury each other and open up and bloom into one another.
I’m also so inspired by very basic, true emotions, run-of-the-mill, populist, this-is-life and we’re-getting-through-it heartstrings type of sentiments. Teenage yearning. Struggle and transcendence.

What is your astrology sign and how does it play a part in your life?
Gemini. It’s a subject of conversation. It’s intriguing. I’ve always thought it was worthwhile to identify archetypes and cut and paste pieces and plug them together. Astrology allows for more complicated stuff than just having one sun sign and that’s probably where any truth or usefulness lies -- being able to sum together different personality types and have your unique identity. But, I am not sure if it’s something to take for granted.

What is your Myer-Briggs Personality Type?

What are your favorite qualities in a human?
Enthusiasm. Willingness to experiment and jump on board something and not knowing what it is. I guess that’s courage? A love for what could be. A sense of wonder.

What’s your idea of happiness?
Being able to explore creatively everyday. To work at creating something and then actually derive satisfaction from its existence when it’s done.

What’s your favorite color and flower?
My favorite color is blue. My favorite flower is a rose.

Who is your favorite artist?
Maybe Richard Wagner.

Do you have a motto?
I guess I don’t. I mean, if it makes you laugh, it’s probably good.

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This portrait is part of our ongoing collaboration with Millennial Instinct.

Photography: Camille Cotteverte